Chihiro Kabata

Chihiro Kabata is a Japanese artist whose drawings and sculptures accumulate delicate ink lines into powerful visions. Chihiro Kabata's medium of choice — ballpoint pen on paper – is deceptively humble, making the final result all the more unanticipated. Her works bring together the visual idioms of old Japan and the metaphysics of contemporary art.
She is a practicing visual artist originally from Tokyo, Japan. She received her MFA from Musashino Art University. Chihiro Kabata has had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally. Venues have included the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, The Ueno Royal Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore ( ICAS ), gallery alpha M ( Musashino Art University ), Zibo museum, Pyeongtack museum, Nam-seoul university gallery, Art Front Gallery at Tokyo, kashya Hildebrand at Switzerland, and others. She was noticed in The College Art Association 101ST ANNUAL CONFERENCE NEW YORK( CAA)

(Photo: Nagatsuka Hideto)

1978 Born in Japan
2004 Graduated from the Master Program of Painting,the Graduate Cource of the Fine Arts, Musashino Art University

[Selected Solo Exhibition]

2019 Bound Memories/Binding Memory(Museum Shop T/Tokyo, Japan)

2017 Unknown Planet(Art Front Gallery/Tokyo, Japan)

2015 Following the Shadows(Art Front Gallery/Tokyo, Japan)

2013 Folding Shadows(Art Front Gallery/Tokyo, Japan)
2013 Adrift in the Dark(kashya Hildebrand/Zurich, Switzerland )
2012 World Crosses Over the Mirror(Art Front Gallery/Tokyo, Japan)
2012 Time dilation(hpgrp Window Gallery Marunouchi / Tokyo,Japan)
2011 Closed with Eyes Opened (Art Front Gallery/Tokyo, Japan)
2011 Fear,Flight and Fleeting (ICAS/Singapore)
2011 Stratosphere vol.1 Tracing the "Self" (alpha M / Tokyo, Japan)
2010 Event horizon - innerscape - (youkobo art space / Tokyo, Japan)
2010 Event horizon (Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2010 Paradigm crossing- entanglement -(Nroom artspace / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Ununity(youkobo art space / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Schwarzwaldmetric (artlantico gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2008 FLAME WORK (Gallery Grand Cafe / Tokyo, Japan)
2008 SUPER POSITION -Triptych (youkobo art space / Tokyo, Japan)
2008 SUPER POSITION (Art Trace Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)

[Selected Group Exhibition]

2020 Japanese Art: Strokes Aflame( Fuchu Art Museum/ Tokyo, Japan)

2020 BREIKU ZENYA in Daikanyama Hillside Forum(Daikanyama Hillside Forum/ Tokyo, Japan)

2020 14-days STAY HOME NOTICE(Arty/online)

2020 DE:VOTED(Helutrans/Singapore)

2019 The 37th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition(Ueno Royal Museum/Tokyo, Japan)

2019 FACE 2019 Sompo Japan Nipponkowa Art Award Exhibition(Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkowa Museum of Art/Tokyo, Japan)

2015 Measuring: This much, That much, How much?(21_21 design sight/Tokyo, Japan)

2014 Japan Art Exhibition (ISETAN / Singapore)
2014 Parallel Perception & Counter Connection (Japan Creative Centre : Embassy Of Japan / Singapore)
2014 Zone Eclipse (INSTINC / Singapore)
2013 P.O.V.(Galerie Steph / Singapore)
2012 Encounter –the Royal Academy in Asia (ICAS/Singapore)
2012 Unknown Landscape (G-WING'S gallery / KANAZAWA, JAPAN)
2012 Observer of Celestial Sphere(Gallery Valeur/ NAGOYA, JAPAN)
2012 VOCA2012 (The Ueno Royal Museum / Tokyo,Japan)
2012 Azamino Contemporary vol.2 Viewpoints: Drawing and Painting (Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino / Kanagawa, Japan)
2011ART LINE KASHIWA(Mistui garden hotel Kashiwa / chiba, Japan)
2011 SHIFT←311(Art caffe g-BOX / Hiroshima, Japan)
2011 The 6th Inetrnational Invitational Exhibition(nam-seoul university gallery/Korea)
2011 MOT annual 2011- Nearest Faraway(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo/ Tokyo, Japan)
2010 The 5th exhibition of the 21c inetrnational arts & culture exchange association(Pyeongtack museum / Korea)
2010 Chiyoda Art Festival "3331 Arts Chiyoda"(Arts Chiyoda 3331 / Tokyo, Japan)
2010 Simulacra and Blind Illusion(Art Front Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2010Art Trace Gallery group exhibition 7(Art Trace Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2010Art Trace Gallery group exhibition 4(Art Trace Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 DYNAMITE0000(Kitano Studio / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 New abstraction paintings(Nroom artspace / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Presentation & Exhibition2009(artcourt gallery / Osaka)
2009 The Zibo international exhibition(Zibo museum / China)
2009 ART and PHOTO BOOK EXHIBITION 2009(Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 MARKET TRACE 2009 (Art Trace Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Intermittent communication (Art Trace Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 art_icle AWARD 2009 winning exhibition(artlantico gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 art_icle AWARD 2009 (DESIGN FESTA GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan)
(Keumsan Gallery / Korea) (Tokyo Gallery / Beijing, China)
2008 KABATA Chihiro and Yuuri Exhibition(Shinsen mizucya-ya / Tokyo, Japan)
2008 MARKET TRACE 2008 (Art Trace Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2007 Art Trace Gallery× youkobo (youkobo art space / Tokyo, Japan)

[AWARD, Competition]
2009 Presentation & Exhibition 2009
2009 art_icle AWARD 2009 Sponsor prize

[Public collection]
2009 Zibo museum (China)

[Artist in residence]
2014 Instinc (Singapore)
2009 Beiging Studio Center (China)

2012 Chihiro Kabata Talk(Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino / Kanagawa, Japan)
2011 Chihiro Kabata x Michiro Hayashi Talk(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo / Tokyo)
2010 Chihiro Kabata x Yoshimi Chinzei Talk(Youkobo art space / Tokyo)
2009 Chihiro Kabata x Yoshio Kato Talk(ARTCOURT Gallery / Osaka)

[ Performance / collaboration]
2012 Performance Painting in [World Crosses Over the Mirror] (Art front Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2012 Event horizon: Kabatachihiro × Nakamura Megumi (Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino / Kanagawa, Japan)
2011 Performance Painting in [Tracing the "Self"] (alpha M / Tokyo, Japan)
2010 Performance Painting in Event horizon -innerscape(Youkobo artspace/Japan)
2009 Performance Painting in Intermittent communication(Art Trace Gallery/Japan)
2009 Ununity x Mass and I :Performance by Yuki Touge(Youkobo artspace/Japan)
2009 Ununity x Bocchincyo:Performance by Yuki Touge,sound by Haruki Hujitani(Youkobo artspace/Japan)
2009 Ununity x Lita:Performance by Yuki Touge,sound by Yow HUnahashi(Youkobo artspace/Japan)
2009 Intermittent communication x A piece :Performance by Akihiro Nakajima(Youkobo artspace/Japan)
2008 SUPER POSITION -Triptych:Performance by Chihiro Kabata(Art Trace Gallery/Japan)

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