Japan Art Exhibition
7 Mar 2014 -20 Mar 2014

/ Singapore


The exciting fusion of fashion and art has opened up our imaginations and created opportunities for innovation and creativity. This Japan Fair, we continue to take on the challenge of exploring "Living with arts" by collaborating with two pairs of artists from Japan to create a future lifestyle where tradition and modernity coexist.

CHIHIRO KABATA is a practicing visual artist from Tokyo, Japan. Her medium of choice - ballpoint pen on paper - is deceptively humble, making the final result all the more unanticipated as her doings and sculptures accumulate these delicate ink lines into powerful visions. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally and was most recently noticed in The College Art Association 101st Annual Conference New York (CAA) "Between Awe and Anger: Young Japanese Artists Respond to Tohoku and Fukushima" in 2013.
KAORU MURAKAMI's works are inspired by objects around her. She believes that by researching, expanding and understanding the history of these objects, she is able to pass through a time tunnel to connect to the past. Her works thus often present a recurring theme of "I am here, and also I am there".
AYA MURAKAMI was born in Paris, France and completed her Masters of the Arts in Tokyo University of the Arts. Her works feature familiar motifs that are selected by searching a deeply ingrained personal history, surrounding environments, and the landscape of her thoughts. She has exhibited her works mostly in Tokyo and Aichi, Japan.
YUURI KABATA is a self-taught visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She created a series of monochrome works with the repetition of strokes and patterns. Fixed rules are assigned to each of her paintings, and they are painted following these rules. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally.

(an extract from “Japan Express” by ISETAN )