Parallel Perception & Counter Connection
Saturday, 8th February 2014 - Friday, 28th February 2014

※Reception: 7 February 2014
※Artist tour: 8 February 2014

Japan Creative Centre
/ Singapore



Obtaining its name from the combination of phone codes from Japan and Singapore, Project 6581 is a collaboration between Youkobo Art Space Tokyo and INSTINC Singapore.
This project involves the exchange of two pairs of artists from Japan and two pairs of artists from Singapore as part of a series of art residency exchange programs. The pairs of artists switch cities over a period of one month and immerse themselves in their new environments, creating works inspired by the city.
Nurturing the bonds between Japan and Singapore, these eight talented individuals pursue art in a culturally displaced mind frame and strive toward finding a parallel between time and space of their home city and host city. For project 6581, these eight budding artists will be featuring their original art works curated by Kelly Cheng, Creative Director of The Press Room.

(an extract from Japan Creative Centre HP)